Bereavement support

The loss of a pet can be an extremely difficult time affecting not only the human family but also the animals as well

Feelings of loss may occur not only following the death of a pet but can also be just as traumatic should a pet go missing or in a forced rehoming situation.

Our pets offer a source of companionship and support and are a constant part of our life. During this difficult time people experience this loss differently and there are no right or wrong emotions and indeed it is not uncommon for people to suffer a number of different emotions such as loss, sadness, guilt, denial, anger and depression. It is very important that you feel able to talk about your concerns and feelings. Denying your grief does not help. Do whatever helps you to come to terms with this loss but please remember they are never “just an animal”.

Often simply talking to people can help, there is no magic wand to cure the way you are feeling, it just takes time.

Here at Glenbrae we try to help support our clients as much as possible throughout this difficult time such as;

Our remembrance book in which you are more than welcome to share a photo, poem or story of your pet..
Don’t leave questions unanswered. If something is troubling you about your pet’s death or illness, please talk to us. Often just talking about these worries can help.

Helping your children

This is a difficult decision for anyone to make and will depend on the relationship the child had with the pet, the age of the child and if you feel the child can handle this situation. Children can be stronger than we often give them credit for and if the child is of an age that they can understand then it often helps to prepare the child, where possible, in advance. Some children will want to be there, others will want to remember their pet as they are now but may want to be included in the aftercare arrangements. It is important to be honest with your child throughout.

Recently Tracy completed a course with The Pet Bereavement Support Service, so if you need any support afterwards, advice on telling your children or helping other pets cope please call or email us any time to discuss.

The Pet Breavement Support service helpline is also available 8:30am to 8:30pm on 0800 096 6606


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