Dressing changes

If your pet requires a dressing there is no need to worry.
We will talk you through how to take care of it. You will also have an appointment arranged for 3-4 days after the dressing has been placed.

During this appointment a registered veterinary nurse will assess your pet as done in all post operation check-ups. The dressing will be removed and the wound will be cleaned and checked to ensure the area is healing well, from here an assessment will be made on whether another dressing is required and the most suitable type of dressing required (most wounds will require 3 to 4 dressings).
It is always best to bring your pet in to have a dressing applied to ensure the wound is healing and also because it can be tricky to get the correct tension on the bandage, with many incorrect bandages causing further problems or simply falling off.

However we understand you may not always be close at hand to the surgery especially in an emergency situation and in these cases it is worth while learning how to apply a temporary dressing.

Have a look at the video on what you will require and a guide on placing a foot bandage.


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