Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the use of plants to treat a patient holistically; treating the symptoms and supporting the body to address the underlying cause of the disease, and considering the patient as an individual.

The use of plants as medicine dates back thousands of years, and indeed many modern medicines are based on plants. Animals in the wild will often self-medicate and sniff out plants to consume to help with illness.

Many herbs can be used safely at home such as chamomile for indigestion (many dogs love this!) but more complex conditions need veterinary advice. Herbal medicine can work very well in complex conditions where there are underlying problems such as gastro-intestinal upset relating to nervousness and anxiety or allergies; skin conditions, weakened immune system, hormonal diseases and many others.

At Glenbrae Vets we like to incorporate conventional and holistic medicine. Herbal medicine can be used very successfully alongside conventional treatments under the supervision of a vet.




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