Payment Options

It is our guarantee to keep you fully informed of costs at all times.

Estimates:  If our vets recommend further tests or surgical procedures they will give you a fully itemised estimate and discuss any options you may have.

Insurance Claims: Glenbrae will complete insurance claims on your behalf free of charge. We ask you to notify us when you need to do a claim and provide us with a signed claim form if required by your company. Our turn around can be up to 4 weeks however is often much quicker than this.

Pet Plan Direct Claims: There are situations when we can claim directly if you are insured with Pet Plan. You pay us the excess and for any items that are not claimable, we then process the rest to come straight to us. We may consider other companies but we can’t offer for all. Call our staff if you want to discuss further.

Some companies offer pre-authorisation claims, this is where the company consider the claim and estimates for proposed treatments and tell us whether the claim will be covered or not.

We work closely with Care Free Credit. They allow us to offer 0% interest loans for up to 12 months. This can make routine procedures more affordable or help in those emergency situations. Our staff can complete a pre-loan eligibilty questionnaire with you


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