Stem Cell Therapy

Welcome to our page on Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cell therapy for treatment of Osteoarthritis and orthopaedic disease in companion animals is using cutting edge technology, a pet’s own stem cells can be cultured and a tailor made treatment for each individual animal can be created, this is a living therapy that can regenerate healthy tissue.

Here at Glenbrae we use Adi-shot the only VMD authorised lab in the UK so we know the highest standards and quality have been achieved.


Stage 1 bloods and cell harvest

Introducing Stem Cell Therapy We are leading the way to the future with this new initiative treatment for Osteoarthritis and many other conditions, using your pet’s own system to start the process.

Blood sample
First we would take a blood sample of 30mls from your pet, for smaller patients this can be done in stages.
Fat Tissue harvest

Your pet will receive a General Anesthetic to allow us to harvest a tea spoon size of fat. As you can see we will shave and surgically prep the area, usually groin/ mammary area.

The Surgery

Surgery is done in a sterile theatre by the vet with a registered vet nurse monitoring the anaesthetic throughout. This should be a short procedure.

The harvest
The sample is then placed in a special pot to preserve the fat cells. Both the fat cells and blood samples are carefully packaged and sent to the laboratory for special cleaning and separation of the stem cells.

Stage 2: Growing at the Lab

After the individual stem cells have been separated they are then grown in a controlled environment. Watch how the stem cells grow over just a few days.

Day 1

After the individual stem cells have been separated they are then grown in a controlled environment. Watch how the stem cells grow over just a few days

Day 2

Starting to multiply

Day 3

Little cells grow fast

Day 4


Day 5
Look how these cells have grown in just 5 days. Once the lab see enough growth they will be packaged in dry ice and sent back to the clinic.

Stage 3: Implanting Stem Cells

Back at the clinic
Extreme care is taken while preparing the sample for implanting. As you can see the cells arrive packed in dry ice.
Implanting the Cells
Your pet will require a second General anaesthetic, have the problem joint surgically prepared then the stem cells are injected directly into the arthritic joint.
A few weeks later

These radiographs show an area of missing damaged bone and in the 2nd image you can see the stem cells starting to regenerate bone and fill in the area. Over months these cells will continue to multiply smoothing out damaged bone surfaces in the joint helping to minimize or even stop pain in the joint.


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