Free Weight Clinics

Our experienced team of veterinary nurses run successful weight clinics and are here to help keep your pet in great shape
You can make an appointment to come and get your pet (cat, dog, rabbit guinea pig etc) weighed. Our nurse will advise you on what your pet’s weight should be.

If your pet is overweight the nurse will discuss what you feed your pet, which will include everything they get on a daily basis. The most common reason is over feeding and not enough exercise.

The most effective way to diet your pet is to use a multi modal approach tailored by our qualified staff to encourage healthy weight loss. This ensures your pet is not being under fed or missing out on key nutrients. The diet works as it is low in fat and high in fibre so your pet feels fuller. It is supplemented with L-carnitine to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass for healthy weight loss.

We will calculate how much to feed your pet per day.

This must be weighed out accurately and we encourage that you feed smaller meals 2 or 3  times daily. No milk or treats are the key to the diet working. You will be told the expected weight loss per week and the approximate amount of weeks this will take.

We will make a return appointment in 2 weeks to ensure your pet is adjusting to their new food. Follow up appointments thereafter will be made every 4 weeks. We will chart your pet’s progress. For dogs we will measure around their neck, chest and abdomen to help monitor them.

Sometimes if pets are being over fed, cutting back on tit bits and the amount fed can make pets lose weight. Increasing exercise also helps. Cats are slightly more difficult to diet especially those that go outdoors. They may hunt and go around the neighborhood telling anyone that will entertain them, how starving they are! We can still make suggestions and help you with these problems.

The support is there for you when you need it.

Remember we are all pet owners and fully understand the challenges you will face. It is so rewarding for us when pets do lose the weight and start to look and feel better. Knowing that we have helped to increase a pets life time is great. Obesity can shorten your pets life and can cause diabetes, joint problems and heart and lung conditions to name just a few.


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