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Payment Options

Payment Options


If our vets recommend further tests or surgical procedures they will give you a fully itemised estimate and discuss any options you may have.

Insurance Claims

Direct claims can be submitted to certain insurance companies for accounts over £500.  This is when the insurance company will pay us directly, this is not available for all companies though so please check with our team. This means that all bills must be paid at time of consultation (including medications and diagnostic tests) for ongoing conditions less than this amount.  There is an administration fee of £24.90 for submitting direct claims.  This charge will only be applied once per year per condition.  Therefore, if your pet has an ongoing condition and we are doing claims for your repeatedly throughout the year, only one admin fee will be charged and will cover all the additional claims we submit.

If you ask us to do a direct claim, we would advise you arrange a pre-authorisation claim to be sure your pet will be covered for the treatment.  This relieves any stress / problems if, once we complete the procedure and your insurance company then decides you are not covered, then you could be left with a veterinary bill to pay.  On collection of your pet, after the procedure, you must supply us with your insurance details.  You will also be required to pay your excess in full.  (please note that some insurance policies require a straight excess + 20% of the claim, therefore we need your full policy information prior to collection of your pet).

If you have paid your account in full and we are completing a claim electronically, there will be no admin charge.  Unfortunately, due to the time required to complete paper claims, the admin fee will be charged regardless of being a direct claim or not.  Please note however, that if you are insured with Tesco, Argos, John Lewis or More Than, and your pet has an ongoing condition, you can now supply your insurance company direct with your paid invoice.

Please note that we understand that sometimes there are exceptional circumstances please let us know if you would like to speak to a member of our team should you be experiencing any difficulty.

We work closely with Care Free Credit. They allow us to offer 0% interest loans for up to 12 months. This can make routine procedures more affordable or help in those emergency situations. Our staff can complete a pre-loan eligibilty questionnaire with you